Conservative Government response to the Petition for Users' Rights

This is a response to the petition signatures tabled by Mr. Rajotte (Edmonton--Leduc) on April 25, 2006. The response was dated June 5, 2006, but we only received a copy on October 20 from the Legislative Assistant for Charlie Angus (Timmins--James Bay).

The response, in English and in French, is signed by the Minister of Industry, The Honourable Maxime Bernier (Beauce). The English response follows.

The copyright Act must continue to reflect current technological and legal realities, and be supportive of innovation and research. It is also important that the law maintains an appropriate balance between the rights of copyright owners, and the needs of intermediaries and users. The government believes that creators' rights to enjoy the fruits of their labour need to be balanced with the opportunity for the public to use copyrighted works.

Copyright reform is an on-going process. In addressing the Internet and new technologies, the Government is currently reviewing the copyright file with a view to ensuring a balanced approach. The Government also believes that this can best be achieved by ensuring that all stakeholders have their voices heard and therefore the Government will be mindful of the perspective raised by the petitioners.

The government wishes to thank the petitioners for drawing attention to these important copyright issues and looks forward to hearing from all Canadians, whether rights holder, intermediary or user of copyright material, as it moves forward with its reform agenda.