Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage receives Briefing on Copyright

One of the current activities of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage is a Briefing on Copyright, where they have had a few meetings.

Michael Geist has blogged about the Not-So-Straight Talk on Copyright MPs are receiving.

I believe this should also be taken as an oportunity for constituents to write to MPs who are in Heritage and Industry committees prior to a bill being tabled.

Committee members present at recent meetings: Jim Abbott, Charlie Angus, Hon. Mauril Bélanger, Sylvie Boucher, Ed Fast, Tina Keeper, Maka Kotto, Luc Malo, Francis Scarpaleggia, Gary Schellenberger, Scott Simms and Chris Warkentin.

This is the members of Heritage committee that includes the chair, vice chairs, and regular members, but doesn't include the associate members.