Disney-Owned Label To Sell Full Jesse McCartney Album in MP3

This article on the EFF site includes:

And after years of pushing for improved compatibility with DRM formats, the record labels have witnessed more, not less, balkanization of music services and devices. If the record labels really care about making sure their customers can play music on the devices of their choice, the only solution that plays-for-sure is an open, unencrypted format like MP3.

Don't wait for the old-economy major labels to catch up: buy unencrypted music from independent labels today!

It is my understanding that most of the music offered by Nettwerk is available in unencrypted formats. My brother recently received a free download of the latest Barnaked Ladies album as part of a ticket to the concert. The digital downloads were available in the lossy MP3 format and lossless FLAC format. The FLAC format was a bit more expensive, given it is higher quality (same as the CD) and thus more valuable.

The Fading Ways Music Store not only allows you to purchase CDs and other material from Fading Ways signed musicians, but they will also source other music for you and verify that the CDs are DRM-free. This independent label has always understood that DRM is harmful for the artists, and tries to help music fans find DRM-free sources for their music.