Vista launch estimated to cost European economy $40 billion

A Reuters article discusses a study that Microsoft hired IDC to do that discusses the estimated costs associated with the roll-out of their Vista operating system.

I have always found press releases from the Business Software Alliance to be interesting, given they seem to exist in an alternate reality than the rest of us. For everyone but these single vendors their products represent costs of doing business, and thus need to be put on the expenses side of the economic analysis. When they include the losses to retail channels when people use software that doesn't go through the retail channel, they have always tried to suggest that this increased efficiency is a loss to the economy. This is the same mindset that thinks that war, natural disasters and disease are good things as they all cost massive amounts of money (to cause and to clean up).

I also find the double-talk interesting in that the migration costs of moving from Microsoft's vendor-locked in software to free-market Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is always included in their TCO calculations, but somehow the migration costs between Microsoft products are claimed to not only not be a cost but are falsely claimed to "precipitate cascading economic benefits".

If migrating to Vista "will precipitate cascading economic benefits", clearly there are far more cascading economic benefits to moving to FLOSS given FLOSS is not tied to a vendor and thus more of that economic activity and jobs will be associated with the local economy.