DMCA Coming to Australia

The Howard government of Australia released draft legislation that it plans to introduce this autumn to fulfill obligations set out in trade agreements with the United States, an article in the Syndey Morning Herald says (also discussed on Slashdot). The article states that "The Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement requires Australia to prohibit the use of devices and services to circumvent TPMs." and further that the proposed draft legislation would make it an offence to use any technology that circumvents technological protection measures used with film, music, games, and gaming consoles, amongst other uses.

Further, "Anyone found to have used technology to circumvent copy control TPMs will face fines of up to $6600, while those guilty of distributing enabling devices and services to others through a variety of means face imprisonment for up to five years and possible fines of $60,500." This means that down under it will soon be illegal to install a video decoder on your computer, a modchip on your gaming console, or make your DVD player multi-region, for example. A pertinent question is why the USA would require such DMCA-style measures to be enforced with free trade agreements?