CopyCamp is up and Running

Toronto, September 7th, 2006… CopyCamp, an “unconference” for artists about the Internet and the challenges to copyright is set to open in just three weeks.

Organized by the Creators' Rights Alliance and hosted by Ryerson University’s School of Journalism, CopyCamp is bringing together 150 artists, geeks (technology experts), lawmakers, and copyright activists to explore the issues surrounding the new models for making art and making a living using the ‘net.

CopyCamp will feature a lively electronic “Salon” showcasing the innovative practices of artists who are successfully using the Internet to create new audiences. It will have demonstrations, talks, and exchanges of all sorts, and, being an unconference, the participants are driving the programming. Visit the CopyCamp website and see this work-in-progress. (

Confirmed special guests include Mark Hosler (of the renowned US collective Negativland), Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons licence group, US), Michael Geist (Toronto Star columnist and Creative Commons Canada), journalist Mike Holderness (National Union of Journalists UK), Geoff Tansey (the Joseph Rowntree Visionary for a Just and Peaceful World), celebrated singer/songwriter and filmmaker, Moana Maniapoto (New Zealand) and Canadian artists Richard Fung and Lillian Allen.

Says Mark Hosler, "I'm excited to find out what's going on in Canada: the culture of Canada, the laws of Canada. Perhaps something could come out of this that is more forward thinking, and that will have an actual effect. Something that we couldn't ever do in America."

Registration for CopyCamp opened mid August. The following day boingboing blog writer, Cory Doctorow, posted comments. The response was overwhelming and the event is close to full capacity, though a few spaces are still available.

Says CRA co-Chair and writer Susan Crean, “CopyCamp is a forum for discussion and for thinking outside the box. There are no preconceived agendas, and no one particular view is being promoted. We see this as an opportunity for creators of all sorts to share experiences and strategies.”

CopyCamp will be facilitated by Misha Glouberman, host and producer of the Trampoline Hall Lectures.

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Opening reception will take place September 28th at 6 - 9pm. All CopyCamp events will take place at Ryersons’s Student Campus Centre 55 Gould Street.

CopyCamp is supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Canada Council for the Arts

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