Critical issue for Industry, Science and Technology committee

I sent the following letter a few moments ago. My hope is that other people will send similar letters to their own MPs:

Dear M. André Arthur,
MP for Portneuf - Jacques-Cartier

Congratulations on your appointment to the Industry, Science and Technology committee earlier this year.

I am wanting to quickly draw your attention to an issue which this committee should be dealing with when the house sits, but I am worried will go to the wrong committee. While the Copyright Act lists the "Minister of Industry" as the Minister responsible for the act, and most of the changes proposed to the copyright act regulate technology and not cultural policy, the Heritage Committee and Heritage Minister has unfortunately taken the lead. This is true of the Liberal government, and again of the Conservative government.

After Bill C-60 was tabled we were told that there would be a special committee to review this bill. It is critical that this happen with any new copyright bill tabled by the government, and that this issue not be left to Heritage.

One of the most controversial aspects of the proposed legislation is the legalization and legal protection of Technical Protection Measures (TPMs) used by copyright holders. There is a lot of misinformation, including most people being unaware that the most controversial TPMs are not those that are applied to digital content which the copyright holder owns, but when TPMs are applied to the technology used to produce, distribute and access digital content which these copyright holders do not own.

To understand the issues please look at:

Protecting property rights in a digital world

We have an active Petition on this issue:

Petition to protect Information Technology property rights

We also included this issue in our letter writing campaign.

I hope you will consider helping us protect Information Technology property rights from the massive and ineffective regulation being promoted by Heritage and various incumbent special interests.

Thank you.

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