Weird Al Yankovic's Latest parody is of the RIAA

You can hear Weird Al Yankovic's latest parody called "Don't Download This Song" on his MySpace site. You can read about it on Wikipedia as well.

Sample lyrics I heard:

Cause you start out steeling songs,
then you're robbing liquor stores,
and selling crack,
and running over school kids with your car.

The video was offered on YaHoo Music, but that site is so broken that it incorrectly thought that my Fedora Core Linux desktop was a Macintosh. For those using standards compliant browsers and video viewing tools you can also check it out on YouTube (No idea if Al authorized it to be there, but if it's good enough for Bill Gates it's good enough for me ;-)

Please also read the additional problems between Al and the recording industry via p2pnet.