How much does that CopyCamp cost?

While it is great to see that there is buzz about the CopyCamp unconference (See links from the Seen elsewhere aggregator) it is unfortunately thus far about the pricing structure.

The concept is simple: Those who can afford to pay are asked to pay more in order to allow those who can not afford to pay to attend at all. Unfortunately many people are glancing at the pricing structure, assuming that they would have to pay the full price of $700, and stop looking. Some people are being asked to pay $700, some early birds $495, some free, and some people will have additional expenses such as travel paid for.

I know that I'll only be able to attend if some of my expenses are dealt with in other ways: I'm hoping for a free spot and someone in Toronto to loan me a couch to sleep on while I'm there, as the cost of the bus tickets to get to Toronto and back and food is about what I can afford.

I have to wonder, however, where some of the sponsors are. I keep hearing about Heritage Canada funding papers, and even a rumour they helped fund the anti-educational "Captain Copyright" site, but haven't heard if Heritage is a sponsor of this event. This is exactly the type of thing that they should be funding: an event that seeks to bring a wide variety of creators together to try to talk and come to a better understanding of each other. I can't think of an activity that is more appropriate for Heritage Canada and Industry Canada to be putting money into to help creators get together to protect our collective interests.

My hope is that everyone interested will sign up to the site to get more information, and put their name in for a subsidy. If you think you should be there, and the only thing that is stopping you is the price, then please make sure you let the organizers know who you are! This way as more funds become available, hopefully with sponsors coming forward for this important conference, that the people who have asked will be able to go.

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Everyday people

It may be true that some people will be getting in for free, but I don't see how it is possible that they can sponser every everyday Copyright/Open Source Nerd. I really don't have anything special to contribute except for a good debate, and I don't see them letting me in, or even my little campus organization.

Assume = Ass-U-Me

Please don't assume. Please contact the organizers and let them know your situation.

A priority is being given to younger creators as a group that is not yet well represented, so creators who are part of a Free Culture chapter may be of special interest. This is not just "Open Source Nerds", but non-software creators who are harnessing new licensing models like Creative Commons to explore new business models.

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) consultant.

Quick updates...

The CopyCamp organizers have confirmed to me that I am offered a free space, and they are also trying to help organize car pooling to reduce transportation costs. I'm still looking for someone in Toronto to put me up for those nights so I can avoid hotel costs.

I also received a few private email messages about Heritage funding (there already is some) and my enthusiasm about a conference hosted by the CRA.

The people who run the CRA are seen as having views on copyright policy as very different than my own (I'm not a fan of non-voluntary collective societies outside of music/movies/television, and I believe the "stronger/longer copyright means more money for creators" maximalist thinking is backwards).

I'm going to BLOG more about this in the future: I'm actually more excited that this conference is being hosted by the CRA than I would be of a "speaking to the converted" conference made up entirely of FLOSS, Creative Commons, Free Culture (Student movement), Open Access and similar like-minded people.

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) consultant.