Slyck: Copyright Face Off in Canada

I wrote the following in reply to an article on Slyck by Drew Wilson, and the disagreements between CARFAC and Appropriation Art.

Just a quick note about CopyCamp which is a forum that will be held in Toronto at the end of September that hopes to bring these camps together.

I know of no survey that has ever been done of creators to determine their views on the direction of copyright. I do know that people are slowly moving along the continuum towards a postion that is quite different than what CARFAC was presenting.

In listening to a lot of creators I've come to believe that with all the diversity that there is one continuum that you can seek to place them on. It's based on something Lawrence Lessig once wrote.

"Creativity always builds on the past, and the past always tries to control the creativity that builds upon it".

Creators lie somewhere on the line of wanting to increase or decrease the control that the past on future creativity. CARFAC represents increased control from the past, and Appropriation Art represents decreased control. Same thing with Microsoft and Apple representing increasing control by the past (More control in the hands of hardware and software "manufacturers"), and Free/Libre and Open Source Software representing decreased control (more control in the hands of individuals who own hardware and should have their software choices protected).