DMCA excluded from storage tape repair case

It is interesting to note that the anti-competitive nature of anti-circumvention legislation is slowly being understood even in US courts. An article in The Register by John Leyden discusses one of the recent cases.

Federal Judge Rya Zobel of Massachusetts ruled (PDF) late last month that StorageTek's GetKey security failed to "effectively control access" to the system, invalidating claims that Custom Hardware might have invalidated the DMCA, and reversing his earlier January 2003 decision.

Does this mean that the USA 'effectively' has the same type of legislation as proposed in Canada and elsewhere that seeks to tie anti-circumvention to copyright infringement? I wonder if the USA will ever put itself on its own "Special 301 Report"? Some US P2P and DMCA lawsuits have both required evidence of infringing activity, the very thing which caused Canada to be put in the report.