Watching the World Cup -- in China

Like many other people in Canada, I've been watching as much World Cup (soccer) as possible. Today, I manage to squeeze in part of a match during the lunch hour and the tail end of the Italy/Ukraine match. Since the games are on during the work day (in my time zone), I've entertained the notion of watching streaming feeds. Another person has made the same decision, choosing to use a set of streams out of China.

This seems like a typical story of trial and tribulation where the author finally resorts to a questionable method when all reasonable attempts to legitimately acquire the content fail. I'm certain many of us have faced the same problems when encountering other fenced-off digital content. Near the end of the blog post, the author asks an intriguing question: "Which is it? Entertainment or theft? (I looked at the advertising placards that lined the field. Does that change your opinion?)". I'd be interested in hearing the answer from groups like CRIA or MPAA. If your "customers" are still exposed to the advertising material that, in theory, funds the broadcast, is it actually important where they watched or how they watched?