CRA hosted copyleft event takes shape

The most recent newsletter from the Creators' Rights Alliance (CRA Briefings #37) contains an update on the event announced in an earlier briefing.


The CRA’s Fall event has a name and very soon will have it’s own website. It will take place at Ryerson University’s new Student Campus Centre on September 28, 29 & 30th and it is being sponsored by the School of Journalism. It will open on the Thursday evening and run over Friday and Saturday. We have billed the event as opportunity for artists and creators to share information and experiences about working on/with the Internet. As announced in Briefings #35, it will feature an electronic salon showcasing some of these projects.

Artists and activists from across Canada and from abroad will be on hand to discuss their work and their experiments with new forms of contracts (such as the Creative Commons licence) and innovative business models. There will also be discussions touching on the key themes of IPS and general licencing, of open source and the Internet.

A team has been put in place headed by Denise Bolduc (coordinator) with Phillip Smith of Community Bandwith doing the web strategy, Chandler Powell of Innovolve providing the technical services relating to the salon and web coverage, Misha Globerman for the animation of the event, particularly the Salon. Looking around at new approaches being used for such events, the team has proposed borrowing from the burgeoning experience with “unconferences”, and Barcamps where participants take an active role in programming the event as well in the sessions themselves. So the event will be known as Copy©Camp : an unconference for artists about the Internet and the challenge to copyright. Lawrence Lessig (Creator of the Creative Commons Licence), Bob Young of Red Hat and Lulu .com, and writer and activist Cory Doctorow have been invited. Keep your eye out for Copy©Camp website. Coming Soon @:

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