Heritage Minister Oda addresses the Banff World Television Festival

A Toronto Star article by Vinay Menon includes:

At 4:30 yesterday, Bev Oda, minister of Canadian heritage, addressed the delegates.

She discussed how technology is reshaping the broadcast industry. She said the CRTC will study these changes and compile a comprehensive report, due Dec. 14, that will help create future policy.

Before the speech, some delegates expected to hear Oda say something — possibly ominous — about the CBC. Instead, she said this:

"Regarding our public broadcaster, as the minister of Canadian heritage, let me assure you that this government does support CBC/Radio Canada ... it will remain Canada's official broadcaster in both official languages."

This generated the first (and only) applause. The rest of her speech could be boiled down to this quote: "The status quo is not good enough."