Ten Mile Tide Denounces Kazaa Lawsuit Against P2Pnet.net

A press release from the band Ten Mile Tide includes:

Three years ago, executives from Sharman Networks—the parent company for the popular Kazaa P2P filesharing program--asked the independent San Francisco band Ten Mile Tide to work with them in a publicity campaign. To this day, Ten Mile Tide is the most downloaded independent band on Kazaa and has always been very vocal about their support of music file-sharing. For several years, Ten Mile Tide was featured in Kazaa ads and the company assisted with tour publicity for one of the band’s nationwide tours. Throughout this time, Ten Mile Tide has been an avid supporter of Kazaa and has publicly voiced their indignation with the RIAA lawsuits against users of Kazaa. But now things have changed. Ten Mile Tide has announced that they do not support the recent libel lawsuit Nikki Hemming and Sharman Networks have filed against the free speech site P2Pnet.net and as a result no longer choose to associate themselves with Kazaa.

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