"Darknet" Book Reviewed by TidBITS

Adam Engst, editor of the venerable Macintosh mailing list TidBITS, has an excellent review of J.D. Lasica's new book Darknet: Hollywood's War Against the Digital Generation in this week's TidBITS edition. The book chronicles the legal struggles of average citizens who have been caught up in the United States by their copyright regime, struggling for what most would deem common-sense use of their purhcased media. The author explains the DMCA and other 'Content Cartel'-inspired legislation in the US and consequences of these laws, and could serve as an illuminating read for those considering changes to Canada's copyright regime. Engst writes:

"At the end of the book, [the author] offers a 10-point roadmap to creating a digital culture that serves everyone's needs - if nothing else, it's a excellent place to start.

1. We are users as well as consumers.
2. Artists must be compensated for their works.
3. The public's digital rights should be affirmed.
4. The DMCA requires a dramatic overhaul.
5. Celebrate participatory culture. Don't outlaw it.
6. The Darknet is the public's great equalizing force.
7. The Internet is not an entertainment medium.
8. To make file sharing and the Darknet irrelevant, innovate.
9. Trust the marketplace.
10. Efforts to enrich the public domain should be encouraged."