Governments must protect property rights in the law!

I was pointed to a license called Against DRM 2, which allows copyright holder to clarify that no third party, including the author of a derivative work, may encumber the work with DRM. Similar clauses exist in the Creative Commons licenses clarifying that it is an infringement of copyright to use DRM to try to circumvent the license.

While I am grateful for various people who are using licenses like this, I really believe this problem needs to be dealt with in the law. While a copyright holder should be free to put a technical measure on their content, it should be clearly unlawful for them to:

  1. Put a technical measure on a device which they do not own.
  2. Condition the provision of content on any requirement that the audience access that work only with specific brands of tools that have been encumbered by a technical measure.

Governments must protect the property rights of device owners. Otherwise they will be up against a growing number of law abiding property owners who are recognizing that governments are failing them. Real property owners, the owners of technology, must fight back against the lawlessness advocated by those who support the legalization of DRM.