Canadian Census controversy continues

A NewsForge article from Bruce Byfield includes:

The security of the system also remains uncertain. Although a letter summarizing the results of an internal security audit by Census employees is available online, it mentions no details, including whether the audit included the client side applet. An external audit seems to have been omitted entirely, although the Canadian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification Scheme exists for precisely that purpose.

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Bruce mentions the SEAL

Bruce mentions the SEAL technology as if it's my own pet name for it, so allow me to give my reference. Check out this link:

read it and weep, that's the only publicly available document about how SEAL works. There is an alleged 1000 page document that PWGSC and Bell are fighting over releasing, regarding what and how much. They have been gracious enough to offer to get back to me about it sometime in the next 100 days with an answer.

Maybe we can get a betting pool going on what the outcome will be. I bet Russell a pint on "no" :-)