Making the world safe for ...

(Via BoingBoing)

Well, that's it, if you're transporting poorly made copies of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, beware!. The MPAA, UK Customs and other usual suspects have recruited two new agents in the War Against Badly Copied DVDs. That's right, just like impoverished third world immigrants smuggling drugs, now DVD smugglers will be found out by Lucky and Flo, the DVD Sniffin' Dynamic Duo. What do they smell? Cellophane? The ink on optical media?

All kidding aside, this just goes to show that these organizations are just completely disconnected from reality. Reading through the article, I note they've actually only detected legitimate DVDs. Which is what I'd expect given that the legitimacy of a copied just cannot be detected by sensory observation of the physical item. So, of course, they'll have to contact the owner of those DVDs in order to determine legitimacy. In fact, the article goes on to mention that the customs agents actually had to open luggage to verify the contents detected by the dogs!

I'm worried this means the MPAA are now getting completely desperate to build silly fences around digital works. How far will they go?

Bah! I'm glad it's Friday!