Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference Reviewed

The venerable TidBITS mailing list, a Macintosh computer-oriented list operating since 1990, sent members to the 16th annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference (CFP) in Washington DC last week, one of whom posted a revealing conference rewiew in this week's issue.

TidBITS 828: "CFP 2006: Life, Liberty and Digital Rights"

The conference is typically an intense 4 days of discussions and presentations on privacy, security, social, and technical issues. The reviewer states that if you want a "master's degree in privacy and social issues related to technology, and you only have four days, CFP is an excellent bet." A wide range of critical international topics were covered this year, from current NSA wiretapping practices, privacy & the constitutionality of surveillance and the state of laws to this effect in Canada, the US & EU, DRM & Fair Use, Electronic Voting Systems, Cell Phone Tracking, and more.

The upcoming CFP Conference Presdient is Stephanie Perrin, Director of Strategic Policy and Research (Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada) and next year's conference will be held in Montreal.

CFP Conference 2006