UN cooking podcast-killing treaty

This BoingBoing post by Cory Doctorow includes:

These twin provisions -- Webcasting and DRM -- are deadly for podcasters. Podcasting services rely on the ability to mirror, aggregate, index, process, convert and host podcasts, and hundreds of thousands of podcasts are licensed to explicitly permit this kind of work. But once you need permission from hosting companies like Yahoo before you can index, and once it's illegal to break copy-restriction formats to analyze the podcasts they contain, it's game over.

The forest of hundreds of startups gets burned to the ground, and only a few old trees like Yahoo and Microsoft are left standing.

Where is Canada? While largely ignored, "broadcasters" already have their own excessive copyright in Canada. We have the CMCC and many other independent creators coming out against DRM (AKA: circumvention of property rights by copyright holders), but we have yet to see what will happen on this front.