Removing the C from CRIA

An article in p2pnet and an article by Michael Geist discuss the growing fallout from recent CRIA sumissions to the CRTC. These submissions have caused opposition from the largest of the independent (Read: Actually Canadian) music labels: Anthem, Acquarius, The Children's Group, Linus Entertainment, Nettwerk, and True North Records.

Guest says:

CRIA is governed by a five member board consisting of President Graham Henderson and representatives from the four major foreign labels. As CRIA increasingly battles artists and collectives on private copying as well as Canadian recording labels on approaches to promote Canadian music, it will become increasingly that CRIA does not speak for the Canadian music industry. It is time for policy makers and government leaders to see CRIA for what it is - a copyright lobby group that represents the interests of foreign corporations. The impact of the CRTC submission will linger long after the radio review hearings conclude next month.

Note: I don't agree with the independents on the CanCon rules. I believe that CanCon should be applied to media where there is limited spectrum and thus the broadcasters rather than Canadian citizens are picking what is aired on that limited spectrum. When there is a (verified and protected) competitive market where consumers can make their own programming choices, as is the case for retail music (dedicated record stores, not the limited selection in big-box stores), Satellite radio, Internet radio or Internet downloads, I do not believe CanCon should apply.

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Press Release

The full article being discussed can be found here. An interesting follow-up reading. :)