Mauril Bélanger discussed in "Let the © Politi©al Games Begin" / WIPO treaty ratification.

On April 7, Howard Knopf wrote "Let the © Politi©al Games Begin" which included discussion of Mauril Bélanger, P.C., M.P., Official Opposition Critic- Canadian Heritage.

Please also see Mr. Knopf's commentary about the throne speech on his Excess Copyright BLOG, and what the sentence indicating that "Significant international treaties will be submitted for votes in Parliament" could mean for WIPO policy implementation.

Even if implementation is delayed, this is good as people become more informed on the actual meaning and implications of the poorly thought out knee-jerk policy from 1996. We should also be rejecting the pressure from the USA on ratification given Canada ratified the Berne convention in 1928 while the USA took until 1989. Given the USA ratified the 1996 WIPO treaties in 1998 I believe it is fair for us to not think we are "late" with the new treaties until 2059.