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Historical letters

The automatic letter writing tool has been closed.

The text of the letters have been kept in case you wish to send a similar, but updated letter to your MP. They are sample letters which you are encouraged to personalize before sending. Still useful to read if you wish to

General Copyright letter
Themes: balance vs unrepresentative intermediaries, TPMs on devices, Sony-BMG Rootkit, homeland security, petitions, C-11 FAQ

Postal Code lookup
Request that the database used to determine the MP from a postal code be publicly released. Search for PCFRF on this site for more information. Currently it costs $2,900.00 for the first file, and an additional $500 per update after that (updates twice yearly).

General Copyright letter
Generic letter talking about Copyright, past Bill C-60, and the upcoming copyright bill (Still useful in Dec 2007/Jan 2008)
French General Copyright letter
A volunteer translated the above letter if you wish to send it in French.

FLOSS Outreach project
Letter informing MP about the FLOSS outreach project

Private Copying levy
In February 2007 the Canadian Private Copying Collective submitted a proposal to the Copyright Board to apply a levy on "Removable electronic memory cards in the Secure Digital, MultiMedia", "digital audio recorders; and" "any medium prescribed by regulations pursuant to sections 79 and 87 of the Act (support audio vierge)". Even though the Federal Court of Appeal has already disallowed a similar levy proposal, the Copyright Board approved the levy. Many Canadians, including musicians, oppose this levy as being unfair.

December 2007/January 2008 pre-bill letter
While a new copyright bill was expected in December 2007, it is now delayed until after the end of January 2008 when parliament returns. This letter is intended to be sent prior to that bill being tabled to let MPs know your concerns. It is focused on the 1996 WIPO Internet treaties, a very controversial treaty, and something we have been told will be part of the bill.
French version of the above pre-bill letter
Thank go to Raymond Lutz for this translation.

Letter focused on C-32
Themes: 1996 WIPO treaty ratification, claim Canadian law is weak or harming copyright holders, complexity of bill, C-32 FAQ.