Recommendations for the CBC

My last post concerning the CBC might seem a bit harsh. I critique an issue without providing an adequate recommendation for improvement. Here are the recommendations that I outlined in my letter to the CBC:

  • CBC could expand their experimental OGG Vorbis streaming format to include all local stations (currently only the Toronto broadcast is streamed in OGG Vorbis)
  • The text on the Listen page could also contain a warning for Mplayer users. This might be something like: "Use of Mplayer software to listen to Window Media format audio also requires a licensed version of the Windows Media codec software. Microsoft currently provides a license to use that software with purchases of the Microsoft Windows software and offers the software for standalone download to be used on the Microsoft Windows OS"

I'd really like to see the OGG Vorbis stream expanded. This audio format is completely free of controlling obstacles allowing numerous implementations available in a wide variety of computing environments. Supporting this format will only make it easier for the CBC to support new ways of listening to their material, including portable digital media players.

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I wonder how many people dont have a license

Almost all computers bought today come pre installed with windows. Someone would have to build their own computer or be able to buy a computer without windows to not have a license. Installing Linux dose not take that license away to my knowledge.

I Find i look at it this way

I Find i look at it this way I have lets say a pIII running xp pro.
then i have a powersupply failer that takes out the HD MB CDR drive ect.
I have seen this happen.

I build that person a new machine i will use the copy of the OEM OS that came with the dead system.

To me its only on one computer and should be trasferable.
why should i buy another oem only to have a perfectly good copy lying around collecting dust.

Its no different then replacing your cd or dvd player for the living room

My 2 Watts