Conflicting Data? Further discussions of Pollara's ideological re-interpretation of their own "polling"

This Stereophile article by Wes Phillips includes:

The concluding paragraph of McKie's "Research Analysis" states that the music industry's decline is solidly tied to the rise of downloading: "It is now considered almost common knowledge that this relationship exists, except among diehards and others whose contrary views imply a desire to protect what is increasingly considered an illegal and damaging practice." This is interesting, since I had assumed that the objective of the survey (at least as expressed on its page labeled "Objective") was "to provide objective, empirical research" rather than to parrot what is "almost considered common knowledge."

There is a large amount of unfounded ideologically blinded insults from Pollara. As an author of software and non-software literary works who makes my living through my creativity, it is both trivially false and insulting to suggest that the reason why I disagree with their bogus statistics is because I have a "desire to protect ... an illegal and damaging practice". The reality is that I have a desire to protect new creators and innovators from the stifling market control of incumbents, with the excessive protection of the incumbents against competitors being something I consider "an illegal and damaging practice".

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From my perspective, I think I can safely say, 'R.I.P. Pollara's credibility', but that's just me.