Pushing a rope in France?

I have to admit that I'm confused by recent bills passed by France. On one hand they have increased the penalties for circumventing technical measures (ab)used by copyright holders, which are predominantly used to tie the unlocking of encrypted content with specific brands of access technology which contain the vendor-dependant keys. On the other hand they are claiming they want to "open up" this DRM so that there is interoperability.

Will this DRM be "opened up" so that it can be implemented by FLOSS? Any technology that is implemented in FLOSS must allow the owner of the device to "run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software", meaning that the owner of the device has their rights to be in control of what they own protected. Any technology that assumes that the owner is the attacker, which represents most DRM, is fundamentally incompatible with FLOSS and the concept of interoperability.

My only guess is that the French parliament doesn't understand these issues well enough to realize that they are trying to "push a rope", and that what they are doing will create massive uncertainty and will fail at whatever goals they have set.

See: The Register: France votes for DRM interop