Torvalds says no GPL V3 for Linux. Then is it time to explore other FLOSS alternatives to Linux?

I have been wondering about whether I wanted to report about this on this blog at all, given there are newcomers to the community reading about these issues for the first time.

This is an expected rift between those of us that consider DRM to be an attack on our fundamental rights as citizens (Reminder: DRM has nothing to do with stopping copyright infringement), and those who claim to take a so-called "practical approach" to the protection of such rights.

In a ZDNet News article by Stephen Shankland he discusses how Linus Torvalds, origional developer and key coordinator for the Linux kernel project, objects to digital rights management provisions in the proposed update.

I can object to his objection all I want, but in the end we are all individuals making individual decisions. The question I am left with as a current Linux kernel user is whether to move to another FLOSS operating system kernel that will better help me protect my rights.

I believe that I have a right to use any security techniques that protect me against any form of unauthorized remote control or violations of my privacy. I do not want to play politics with my computer security, and see no reason to differentiate between widely recognized malware such as viruses, Trojans and Root-kits, or more politically controversial attacks such as DRM.

I will vote to protect my rights, and if that means no longer using the Linux kernel then that is a decision which Linus will have forced onto the community.

It will be interesting to see how other people react to this. The Debian Project has an in-development version of Debian GNU/Hurd which is a non-Linux kernel based distribution. There is also a development version of a Debian GNU/NetBSD and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD which is their regular distribution with various BSD Unix kernels.

It may be that this political rift will turn out to be a good thing, bringing more diversity to the marketplace by having greater competition between FLOSS based kernels.