Genuinely Trustworthy Computing

This Enterprise Network Planet article by Carla Schroder includes:

FOSS enforces trust on a couple of levels. One, the community values of openness and sharing, and two, there is no place to hide. Everything is transparent. It is possible that one of the Linux distributions could make a deal with the devil, and sneak in unsavory bits. But they would be found out, and it is trivially easy to migrate to a different distribution.

The very smart and well-equipped Mark Russinovich detected Sony's little gift to the masses almost accidentally. Regular users wouldn't have had a chance. Which gives you the answer to why certain vendors are Linux-hostile: they cannot control it, and cannot get away with sneaky stunts like the Sony scam. And the motivation behind terrible legislation like the DMCA, which tries to make it illegal to even talk about these things–exposing corporate misdeeds and idiocy simply cannot be allowed.

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