Bloggers take some credit for defeat of Liberal who pushed copyright reform

A Canadian Press article by Mike Oliveira ( version) discusses how BLOG affected Sam Bulte's attempt at re-election.

Reported in the Toronto Star, her exit words were about as well thought out as some of her anger at the broader creative community during her campaign.

"What do you expect me to say? I have no thoughts. You run on your record and the people decide for change," she said.

When asked about her thoughts on a minority government, she said, "To be frank, I don't care. I dedicated my life to the people and to the riding and they decided. It's great; it's a democracy."

Bulte, a lawyer, said she will return to her practice.

"According to everybody, I did nothing. You work so hard and devote your heart and soul and the people have chosen. So good luck to the NDP. Good luck to Peggy Nash and good luck to the country."