Looking at some specific results

Here are the preliminary results for the ridings we were watching closely. There are some very positive outcomes for us, especially in the two top ridings we were watching. This is hopefully an indication of a positive future for creators and users of "works of the mind".

General results from the Library of Parliament.

Parkdale--High Park
Peggy Nash wins the election, unseating Hollywood's member of parliament, Sarmite Sam Bulte.

Timmins--James Bay
Independent writer, broadcaster and musician Charlie Angus retains his seat. This is an important win for Canadian independent creators.

Bev Oda, possibly the new Minister of Heritage.

Jeanne-Le Ber
Liza Frulla, past Heritage Minister, looses her seat.

Kildonan--St. Paul
Joy Smith retains her seat.

Winnipeg South
An unfortunate outcome, but Reg Alcock (FLOSS aware MP) has lost his seat.

James Rajotte, possibly the new Industry Minister.

Burnaby--New Westminster
Peter Julian retains his seat.

Ottawa South
David McGuinty retains his seat.

Winnipeg North
Judy Wasylycia-Leis retains her seat.

Bonavista - Gander - Grand Falls - Windsor
Scott Simms retains his seat.

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Bill Siksay re-elected

Bill Siksay retains his seat.