Fair Vote Canada: Special Pre-Election Newsletter



Before a single vote is tallied, we can comfortably predict that the voting system will create another train wreck for Canadian democracy on January 23.

Some parties will gain too many seats, others too few, and some none at all. If recent trends hold, more than six million of us will cast wasted votes. Partisan fiefdoms will continue in most regions, where one party dominates, all but wiping out representation for supporters of other parties.


For the past eight weeks, Fair Vote Canada members and supporters have been engaged in an unprecedented grassroots campaign to put the issue of fair voting and proportional representation in front of politicians, the media, and their local community. We have been absolutely delighted with the energy, enthusiasm, and results!

If you wish to get a flavour of the grassroots campaign, check out FVC President Wayne Smith’s Election Blog at http://fairvotecanada.blogspot.com/. Other national FVC campaign activities are covered in recent news postings at www.fairvote.ca . Incidentally, yesterday saw the highest number of visits ever to the FVC website. The momentum continues to grow!


The pre-election phase is over, but the coming days are just as critical in the fight for fair voting.

On Monday night, a Fair Vote Canada team will be analyzing election results. Very early Tuesday morning, we will issue a news release on this latest electoral travesty. Our national team will mount a very active nationwide media relations effort, but it is very important that the voices of citizens are heard right across the country.

· On Tuesday, please visit www.fairvote.ca , where we will post our news release with supporting data and examples of how the voting system distorted results.

· Using this information, please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and/or call a radio or TV phone-in show. In your own words, express your concern and outrage that Canadians are still being subjected to distorted elections because of our first-past-the-post voting system. Call on the new government to act immediately on electoral reform. Call for a national citizen-driven process of education and consultation leading to a referendum on a new proportional voting system. Emphasize that this must be the last unfair election and the last unrepresentative Parliament that we must endure.

Do these letters and calls make a difference?

You’d better believe it! Fair Vote Canada grassroots volunteers have remarkable stories from their individual initiatives in this election campaign – e.g., candidates from mainstream parties holding up FVC leaflets in their closing speeches and proclaiming support for PR, despite their party’s position; a cabinet minister who was pummeled so often about PR at candidate meetings, he went from being anti-PR to actually signing our petition!

Every individual action helps shape the political environment and takes us a step closer to an historic breakthrough on electoral reform.

Within the next ten days, you will also receive a post-election newsletter with an assessment and commentary on the election results. In the meantime, visit www.fairvote.ca and the President’s Blog for news and developments.

Thanks again for your support and help!

Wayne Smith, President
Larry Gordon, Executive Director
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