Allan Cutler (Ottawa South,Conservative Party of Canada)

Thank you very much for your email on this important issue and I apologize for the delay in responding to you. As I am sure you can appreciate I am receiving over 100 phone calls and emails each day and I am doing my best to respond to everyone before election day.

On copyright in general, we believe that copyright legislation must create opportunities for Canadian creators to enjoy the fruits of their labour to the greatest possible extent; ensure that the rights of Canadian creators are adequately protected by law; that these rights are balanced with the opportunity for the public to use copyrighted works for teaching, researching and lifelong learning; to continue to allow an individual to make copies of sound recordings of musical works for that person's personal and individual use; and that enforcement is applied fairly and in accordance with international standards.

I'm not sure if this addresses your specific concern or not but hopefully it will be helpful. Thanks again for emailing.

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conservative form letter

I've read the replies from several conservatives, and I'm generally dismayed. It's a form reply.

It demonstrates no deep understanding of the issues.

Not as bad...

I would take a lack of understanding over a misunderstanding any day. We have a lot of work cut out for us, and I hope that our community will be even more active in the next government than we were in the last.

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