They try, but blogs won't rock the vote

This Toronto Star article by Antonia Zerbisias includes:

In the end, the one person who most felt the blogo-sting is Parkdale-High Park Liberal Sarmite (Sam) Bulte whose altogether too-close connections to movie, music, publishing and television industry lobbyists gained notoriety on the web, thanks mostly to the work of legal expert Michael Geist, who also pens a column for the Star.
Her mistake will have been that, like many people and organizations today only just learning to cope with the blogosphere, she didn't use it in her own defence.

On the >authors BLOG I added the following comment:

Greetings Antonia, from the webmaster for, and one of those BLOGS which is based on a policy direction rather than traditional partisan politics.

Read your article, and want to comment on one part. You said that Sam Bulte could have used a BLOG in her own defence. If we could have got Sam to acknowledge a BLOG as other than yet another way to "pirate" information from one of her old media friends, we would probably not have felt the need to target her so much during the election. She really does seem to want to shut down any method of production, distribution and funding of creativity that is not centrally controlled by one of her monopolistic old-media "friends".

It isn't the $250 plate dinner that upset most of us, we only used that as an "accountability" hook to get other people to read about it. For me the issue was her unwillingness to even entertain other policy views, essentially believing that the interests of her intermediary friends (publishers, major labels, "software manufacturing" firms) were remotely compatible with the interests of the creative community (authors, singer/songwriters/musicians, software authors, artists, etc) that is quite divided (but what I can see, mostly opposed) to her views.

I've spend 4 years being pushed away by her, and watched her whisper in peoples ear (including Liberal colleagues) who dared to ask a relevant question in committee hearings. All in all, one of the most closed minded politicians I have ever seen, and being involved in this policy I have seen and met with many.

Anyway, thanks for the article. I guess I don't think of BLOGS as different than any other non-mainstream media or unfiltered discussion. Whether it be a local all candidates debate or a BLOG, I find that the issues that concern me are not often part of the national media coverage of things.

Posted by: Russell McOrmond | January 21, 2006 at 06:21 PM