Stop the erosion of Canadian sovereignty.

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David Piney

The Canadian Action Party.

Birth Date: 1950
Birthplace: Peterborough Ontario.
Profession: eNews editor.

Career Background: Since 2000 I've been running an eNews gleaning service, and review well over a hundred articles daily from valuable sources worldwide in order to determine important information that’s being under-reported or avoided by the mainstream media, so that my subscription list can glimpse what's really going on. And with thorough research into the shocking news events that are being withheld from the public I've developed some important governing solutions.

The decline of oil stocks worldwide means the large middle class that's propped up the elite in the West is becoming too expensive and thus they're planning a massive power transfer from the middle class to the rising military/police state --as it's been throughout the developing world since WW2 under US controls. Former editor-in-chief of the Toronto Star, George Radwanski, as the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, tried to warn Canadians in the strongest of terms about their pending loss of freedoms, but was removed from office on a pretext by the Liberals and slapped with a gag order so as not to further reveal what’s going on. The former RCMP SS, disbanded in disgrace, were reborn under Martin, and Bill C24 gives them the right to break the law at their discretion. The "rule of law" ethos is being largely replaced by covert forces! And on it goes; the details are truly alarming...

Most people enter politics from the professional middle class, where I believe loyalty to status quo is subtle but inherently built-in. Thus they're inclined to accept Canadian sovereignty erosion that’s occurring for example, simply because the mainstream elite have authored it. I however, have no such obligations. My loyalties are to principle and to the efficacy of the administrative system in order to provide quality of life to our people: all of our people! But I realize that dependence upon any individual or group to secure equitable policy is too risky, and thus I hope to hone a system of fail-safe mechanisms that will empower the most reliable moral force readily available, the collective human conscience, in order to provide the depth of administrative oversight required to guarantee benevolent democratic governance, together with a crucial media voice that only the public can provide, to ensure the kind of inspirational leadership and universal insight that will optimize quality of life during these trying times: all human life!

After all, the only way you can personally be assured of equitable treatment from society is if there are mechanisms to ensure that everyone is, and thus our nation must retain its full sovereignty in order to uphold principles that the majority of Canadians want. When you visit the "deep integration" section of our website you will clearly see what today's politicians have planned, and the US model we're slated to become has 10 times the crime per capita, with no Just Society ethos. A vote for any one of them, either Liberal or Conservative alike, is a vote for the continuation of this shocking agenda. The Canadian Action Party intends to stop this erosion of Canadian sovereignty and to guarantee principled governance!

Vote David Piney, your Canadian Action Party candidate for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca.

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