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The following are what I found on candidate websites:

June 18


Resurrection Parish (Catholic community)

1940 Saunderson Dr (south of Smyth, near St. Laurent) ([Mapquest | http://www.mapquest.ca/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&formtype=search&countryid=41&addtohistory=&country=CA&address=1940+Saunderson+Dr&city=Ottawa&state=ON&zipcode=&submit=Get+Map])

June 20

7:00 PM

The News Community Newspaper

[Hunt Club Riverside Community Centre | http://www.riversidepark.ca/] at 3320 Paul Anka Drive, corner of Uplands Dr. in Hunt Club. ([Mapquest | http://www.mapquest.ca/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&formtype=search&countryid=41&addtohistory=&country=CA&address=+3320+Paul+Anka+Drive&city=Ottawa&state=ON&zipcode=&submit=Get+Map])

June 22


[Canterbury Community Association | http://www.cca-acc.ca/]

Main Hall

Canterbury Community Centre

2185 Arch Street ([Mapquest | http://www.mapquest.ca/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&formtype=search&countryid=41&addtohistory=&country=CA&address=2185+ARCH+STREET&city=Ottawa&state=ON&zipcode=&submit=Get+Map])

June 23


South-East Ottawa centre for a Healthy Community

(Across from Billings Bridge Shopping Centre)

1355 Bank St.

Suite 600
([Mapquest | http://www.mapquest.ca/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&formtype=search&countryid=41&addtohistory=&country=CA&address=1355+Bank&city=Ottawa&state=ON&zipcode=&submit=Get+Map])

Rogers Cable 22

A debate was taped June 13 which will be shown a few times over the election period.

[Election Debate Schedule |http://www.rogerstelevision.tv/option.asp?lid=16&rid=4&tid=7842]

Dates I was given (from McGuinty campaign) was: June 24@ 21:00, June 25@00:00, June 25@12:00 and June 26@16:00

If you know of any other debates, please post.

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Debate at Resurrection Parish

The format was quite controlled. There was a letter written by some bishop that was divided into sections and was used to set the theme. The tone of the letter was socially conservative, and worded to try to get the candidates to indicate certain values relating to the legal/religious definition of marriage and to enter into the abortion debate. There was no room for much debate beyond what the organizers set out, and one man stormed out of the room angry when this became obvious.

It was hard to not feel quite partisan in this room, as much as I am trying to stay non-partisan for the sake of this campaign to protect Internet creativity. Not that anyone fits into pigeon holes, but I am a social liberal, fiscal and environmental conservative. This tends to bring me towards the Green Party as I have voted in the past, and also toward the PC party (new and old) when the socially-conservative branch has another place to vote (Reform party, and in this election the Conservative party), with the Liberals being the next most likely choice. If only we had a [ranked ballot | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preferential_voting] in a modern electoral system and I could indicate this preference. (Note: I am a fan of the [Australian electoral system | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Australian_electoral_system], including the preferential ballot for the house of representatives and the Proportional Representation election of the Senate where proportionality is determined by region and not country wide)

While in the past the Green party was often not allowed to debate where the largest parties would, the PC party has that problem now. The debate had only John Ford (Green), Monia Mazigh(NDP), David McGuinty (Liberal) and Alan Riddell (Conservative). Some of the other candidates such as Brad Thomson of the PC party were there, but not allowed to speak.

When the social-conservative questions were asked you could tell that both Monia and Alan had socially conservative views, but that they spoke more along party lines which was to be more moderate. John and David I believe were quite honest in expressing their socially liberal views consistently even in an audience that showed different views by how they applauded.

As the Conservatives are the remaining party who have not replied to our questions, I gave a copy of the CIPPIC questions to Alan. Someone from his team took it from there and indicated that they would make replies available. We will see how their party replies. I asked that Alan, as a lawyer, reply directly as I tried to indicate that candidate responses are more useful to us than saying that they support "party lines" on an issue that doesn't have "party lines". (See my previous letter: [Candidates blindly endorsing party position | http://www.digital-copyright.ca/discuss/3180])

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Canterbury Community Center debate

I went to the debate this evening at the Canterbury Community Center. This was a very well run debate, with very simple rules, two microphones, and plenty of opportunity for constituents to directly ask questions. While there were moments where the candidates focused too much on their opponents or quoting from the opponents party rather than their own views, everyone spoke quite well and you got a far more clear sense than the June 18 debate about where people stood.

The 4 candidates running in national campaigns (fielding candidates in all 308 ridings) were invited, and the moderator explained that while these 4 people were invited that there are 4 more people on the ballot. He did name these candidates and the parties they represent (with there being one independent, who I have not yet met or found any contact information for).

While I know my issues are considered narrow, I still got in line to go to the microphone. In fact if we had not run out of time my question would have been next. I decided to send my question to the 4 candidates that were there at the debate.

To: mcguid@teammartin.ca, monia@moniamazigh.ca, alan@alanriddell.com, John.Ford@GreenParty.On.Ca

Subject: Last evening's debate: next question (microphone #2)

I would have been the next question at the debate last night if we had not ran out of time. I would like to receive responses to this question which I can then put up on the Ottawa South section of our website.


I am the webmaster for digital-copyright.ca. Along with the Canadian Internet Public Policy Interest Clinic we have sent out questions to all candidates and parties in this election. Unfortunately we have received few replies from Silicon Valley North to these important issues in technology law.

As each of you have not supplied a personal response, I would like to hear your response to your own party positions, and whether you agree with any of the positions of the other parties.

Green Party: recognizing that the Internet is a commons, the Greens seem to be willing to protect the Internet in much the same way they do the environment.

Conservative party: no response received so far.

NDP: The NDP wish to "immediately ratify" the WIPO treaties which would result in a Canadian version of some of the most opposed laws affecting the Internet.

Liberal: They wish to study things more, but are proud of the highly controversial tax they have put on blank media that subsidizes the recording industry (not I'm not saying musicians).

Debate at outh-East Ottawa centre for a Healthy Community

I went to the last debate this afternoon at the South-East Ottawa centre for a Healthy Community. This was a smaller audience than the event last night, likely because of the early-afternoon timing.

While all the candidates were invited, only 5 showed up: Monia Mazigh (New Democratic Party) , Brad Thomson (Progressive Canadian Party), David McGuinty (Liberal Party of Canada), John Akpata (Marijuana Party), John Ford (Green Party of Canada)

I was able to ask a question about the Internet. I had received an email reply from Vicky from Monia's team indicating that "I am not sure that Monia has a position on copyright that would differ from the party's at this point. Clearly it is an issue which requires study, reflection and discussion." This suggested to me that the candidates may not be ready to talk about the level of detail that my original question asked.

I mentioned the digital-copyright.ca website, and about CIPPIC (I gave the full version not the acronym) sending out questions. I mentioned that we received few responses from Silicon Valley North, and wanted to get some ideas about the candidates awareness of the Internet and Internet issues.

Monia knew nothing of the questions, nor of her parties response. She suggested we should work to get more people using the Internet, but given the extreme form of regulation the party is supportive of I doubt that would happen.

Brad and I had had numerous email conversations in the past, and he mentioned that. He said there are many questions to be thought about, and the importance of dealing with these things at an international level. "The Internet knows no boarders". He is right of course, and while the legacy broadcast-media style intermediary lobbiests suggest WIPO is the right forum, I entirely disagree and believe that the World Summit on the Information Society, [WSIS | http://www.wsis.org] is the right forum. WSIS even has a [PCT (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks) working group | http://www.wsis-pct.org/].

David introduced his answer by suggesting that we often look for the bad aspects of Globalization, suggesting that the Internet can be a great equalizer. He was quite aware of government initiatives around getting people online such as SchoolNet. He believes there are issues we need to deal with when it comes to the digital divide and how he sees Canada as far ahead of other parts of the world.

John Akpata didn't get the questions, suggesting that this was because "the media" was not paying attention to his party. I did send many messages to info@marijuanaparty.org, hoping that the messages would be distributed to candidates. It is unfortunate that the party decided not to distribute questions to candidates, or list contact information on their website for individual candidates. They are running 71 candidates, and their answers to our questions could have been helpful to raise awareness on the Internet of their party. I gave him a copy of the questions which I hope he will reply to, and send links to the other 70 candidates.

John Ford was another person who had replied to me, after spending the better part of an hour figuring out answers and realizing he had a lot more to learn. He believe there are big issues of balance required, and did mention that he is one of those people working on the SPAM problem from the technical side.

John Ford and I spoke after the debate. I mentioned how there are similarities to what we are doing in CIPPIC/Digital-Copyright.ca and where the Greens were in Canada a decade ago. The point of them running at the time was not to win seats, but to get other candidates to recognize the issues and to build the party. We are doing the same thing: candidates may not reply to our questions, but they will be exposed to our issues. This has been a great opportunity to expose fellow Canadians to our issues, letting them know that we exist and should work with us at all times (not just during elections) to educate politicians and fellow Canadians about Internet issues.

Rogers Cable 22 debate

I watched this debate which included all the candidates except Raymond Aubin who is running as an independent. After a considerable amount of searching, and being told by a different Raymond Aubin who works at Nortel that he is not the one running, I have been unable to find any contact information for him.

In the early part of the debate John Akpata mentioned how the USA is trying to arrest people for sharing music, saying Canada was better to not be going that direction. I hope to discuss this with him and gave him copies of the CIPPIC questions in the hopes that he will send in a reply. I did further google searching for him and found an artist profile page from MudsharkAudio.

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