Trevor Grover (Calgary Centre, Canadian Action Party)


I would be lying to say that I understand this issue even remotely enough to answer your questions. In the broader sense I can say that I support protection of Canadian content in the interests of agreements with other countries, ie: Canadian producers or creators should have the protection of there work entrenched in law. As the representative for Calgary Centre, I would be more than willing to raise a voice to these specific concerns on behalf of our Canadian Cultural Property. It's only a token, but I hope this helps.

Trevor Grover

Additional note:

Ok, I did some research and I understand the issues a little bit more. Given my limited knowledge thus far I'd have to say that I wouldn't be able to support bill C-60. I make no promises, because it is illegal for me to do so under the Canada Elections Act (s550), but it sounds like bunk special interest pandering to me.