Catherine Whelan Costen (Macleod, Canadian Action Party)

Dear Mr. McOrmond

I have looked at this issue previously, and it seems to be very complicated matter, or perhaps it is just being presented that way, as many issues are today. I am a writer, and I have concerns about copyright law also. When I post something on the internet, I expect that people will copy and paste elsewhere, or circulate to others. For me that is a compliment and it serves the purpose of having people read what I write. On the other hand if they are selling my work, that is indeed a different issue. Canadian Action Party supports the arts, we support and expect people to be paid for their work. We also believe the people who are affected are the ones who should be consulted on these issues.

We would have no problem supporting the pledge as you state below, if the election act did not prevent us from doing so. The Minister of Heritage cannot act independantly, as we have seen with the CBC election coverage. We have concerns over conflict of interest in various areas and we want legislation to stop this problem. We want all elected officials to be free to represent the people of Canada in the people's best interest. That must be the primary goal. Government should not be dictating policy, government should be responding to concerns, fully consulting those affected and creating policy which reflects the best interest of Canadians.

I hope that I have answered your questions adequately.

yours truly
Catherine Whelan Costen
Canadian Action Party President
Macleod Riding Candidate