Reporter Sheila Copps showing bias towards past parliamentary secretary Bulte

Replying to: Toronto Sun article by Sheila Copps.

Re: "good women members like Liberals Maria Minna and Sarmite Bulte in Toronto"

It shouldn't surprise me that reporter Sheila Copps is going to show bias towards Sam Bulte, her past Parliamentary Secretary when Ms. Copps was Minister of Heritage.

As a Canadian creator trying to protect my ability to make a living at my craft from their extremist views on copyright, I've had the misfortune of having run-ins with both of these people. The fact that they were women didn't seem to matter as far as their being extremely closed minded, believing they had all the answers, and their abrupt shutting down of any conversation that disagreed with their own ideologically based views.

I am look forward to Peggy Nash, a woman who has shown herself to be very open minded and willing to listen to a wide diversity of Canadians, replacing Sam Bulte in the next parliament.

Russell McOrmond
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