The Low Down on Downloading

In response to an article in The Eye Opener by Carla Wintersgill, I wrote the following letter.

The reason why CRIA lost the case in front of the federal court and federal court of appeals is because of inadequate evidence. Simply put, they didn't even bother to spend the time to download a song and listen to it to verify that the song was one that the labels hold the copyright for. Most legal experts agree that unauthorized uploading and sharing of music or other digital media is not legal in Canada, contrary to the misinformation that the lobbiests and their friends in parliament are spreading.

Bulte Scandal:

This misinformation is being used to dupe parliament into passing draconian laws which will favour specific old-media intermediaries over their newer competition. This competition is not copyright infringement, but creators using modern methods of production, distribution and funding of creativity. Many of these modern methods involve "skipping the intermediaries", with these intermediaries being the only beneficiaries of the extremist policies proposed in Bill C-60.

Unauthorized downloading music for personal use isn't illegal in Canada because of past successful lobbying by the music and recording industry. They convinced past Heritage Minister Sheila Copps to enact changes to the copyright act to create the Private Copying regime where the making of unauthorized private copies (regardless of source) was legalized in exchange for a levy on blank audio recording media.

I encourage everyone to let candidates know that these types of issues are important to them. If they don't have time to author a letter themselves, I have a tool on which has a form letter which only requires that the person log in and set what riding they are in to be able to send a message to their candidates.