Letter to Bonavista - Gander - Grand Falls - Windsor candidates

I sent the following to the candidates of Bonavista - Gander - Grand Falls - Windsor

Dear candidates,

I would be interested to hear from all candidates in this riding, and would like to post replies to the section of our website dedicated to Bonavista - Gander - Grand Falls - Windsor http://www.digital-copyright.ca/edid/10002

As a member of Heritage Committee in the previous parliament, Scott Simms asked a critically important question of then Heritage Minister Liza Frulla on November 24, 2004.

Quoting from Hansard: http://www.digital-copyright.ca/node/582

Mr. Scott Simms: I have a ten-year-old son who is able to get about a hundred songs by going click-click. You talk about protecting the artists, but it's a delicate balance here. We have thousands, if not millions, of people out there breaking the law, and unseemingly. I won't say all of them are completely innocent, but there's a lot of innocence out there. How are we going to deal with this? What stage are we at right now with the industry department? We do have free downloading, so how can we protect the artist while at the same time trying to be sensible? We're seeing examples in the United States where it's approaching the ludicrous. We're arresting young children for doing something they're unaware of. Are we going in that direction? Where are we at this stage?

Mr Simms did not receive a relevant response.

I was at this committee hearing, and saw Ms. Sarmite Sam Bulte, then parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Heritage, whisper something in Ms. Simms ear. While I have sent multiple letters since that time, both in email and via Canada Post, I have not heard anything back from Mr. Simms.

I must ask Mr. Simms: what did Ms. Bulte whisper in your ear?

Ms. Bulte is caught in a scandal, being seen as excessively biased towards the special interests of groups that are funding her campaign. She claims to represent creators, but is really only interested in the financial interests of her friends which are largely incumbent foreign intermediaries. The interests of intermediaries are not only not the same as creators, but are often incompatible.

Parkdale--High Park

Ms. Bulte claims she only wants to make peer-to-peer P2P filesharing illegal. As a Canadian author of software and non-software works who authorizes people to share my works, I read the federal court and appeals court rulings very closely. I know for a fact that the reason CRIA did not obtain the names of the 29 John and Jane Doe's is because of lack of evidence indicating infringement, not a problem with the Copyright act. In this case the recording industry has not even bothered to download and listen to any of the allegedly infringing files to check the contents of the files and to confirm the copyright holder.

I can only assume from this that Ms. Bulte wishes to change Canadian law to allow her friends to sue potentially innocent children and grandparents without requiring any evidence at all. Like the USA, this will force most people to settle out of court due to the high costs of defending against the lawyers of large transnational corporations trying to "make an example out of you", as well as excessive statutory damages in the Copyright Act.

Do you support Ms. Bulte's attempt to allow her friends to sue your son and people like him and their parents without evidence?

Can constituents trust you to represent their interests in parliament? Did Ms. Bulte or one of her friends promise something to you if you did not demand that the Minister and her parliamentary secretary respond to the types of critical questions that you asked?

Thank you

Russell McOrmond
Internet consultant, author of software and non-software literary works
Webmaster for Digital-copyright.ca
Co-coordinator for GOSLINGcommunity.org