Margaret Schwartzentruber (Nickel Belt, Conservative Party of Canada)

January 11, 2006

Dear Mr. McOrmond:

I am the Conservative Candidate for Nickel Belt (huge riding surrounding Sudbury in all directions).

I would love to be able to answer your questions but do not have enough time to really visit it at the moment.

My own occupation is Dairy Farmer (my son aged 23 operates the farm). This election is key to many/all Canadians who want justice and a balance of thinking in many areas.

Most of my constituents are tired of a corrupt government. As voters, most want to return to solid ethics. I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada is the only one with a vision and plan of action to place accountability for actions at the top of the priority list. Crime, family issues, lower taxes and tax fairness are some of the issues that affect all Canadians. Credibility and accountability rules will affect how we are all governed. Who is putting out the most favourable platform to protect your family? your business? and so on. Your issues are important .... sort of like trespassing and stealing (with all the rights seemingly favouring the perpetrator) become a victim and yes, it seems pretty difficult to get through to justice.

Please consider how your particular problem fits in with the party platform. Again, I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada is the only one who not only has a vision for restoration of honesty.

It is possible that there will be 'honest mistakes' made as we are all people who sometimes do/say dumb things, but the leader is a totally solid Canadian (a really fine man, sense of humor, etc) and his team behaves above reproach. As a Conservative Candidate, I'm excited about the possibilities of restoring dignity and honesty and fairness to the political process.

Hopefully, you and others who are tying their votes to technical issues will see that a corrupt government must be removed if we are to see justice in our every day business and personal issues.

Margaret Schwartzentruber
Nickel Belt (Conservative)