George Marshall (Malpeque, New Democratic Party)


There are some questions which I can answer and some I cannot.

Re the national questionaire, this must, as per party policy, be addressed by national NDP.

Regarding the quesion relating to contributions for copyright and conflicts of interest, I oppose, with my party, the sitting on legislative committees addressing copyright, acting as Minister of Canadian Heritage or as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage after receiving contributions from copyright lobbyists.

Re who should handle copyright Industry or Heritage, I would have to consult my party and constituency.

Re my support for a law to protect users from computer software that is "indistinguishable" from spyware, I would certainly champion users' protection from spyware and software similar thereto. However, my technical knowlege of bill C-60 limits further comment a propos your question.

Re my knowlege of Peer Production techniques, Free/Libre and Open Source Software, and Creative Commons, I have some experience with Open Source Software (I use Abiword) and I've heard of Creative Commons. Of course, there is far more that I don't know.

I hope these responses are useful to you.

George Marshall
NDP Candidate, Malpeque