Caroline Desrosiers (Ahuntsic, NDP)

Dear Mr. Mc Ormond,

Although, the NDP does not have an elaborate platform on copyright issues thus far, we have been consistent on conflict of interest and lobbyist issues. Our candidate does support that copyright issues should be under the Minister of Industry and not the Minister of Heritage. These issues are complex and I, with my executive committee, would be willing to meet with a representative of yours in order to discus these matters. This can be the basis of a future resolution that can be drafted by our riding and presented to the federal convention of the NDP which may help steer our party's policy on the issues which your organization is concerned with.

As you know democracy is about choosing a policy you like from an electoral menu and helping develop the policy. This is what we invite you to do with us.

Thank you.
Caroline Desrosiers, Candidate- Ahuntsic