Defend MY interests, please...

I'm not the sort of person to follow a specific political party. The concept of a political party, in general, deviates from my approach to democracy: I prefer to focus on the local candidates rather than the party for fear of inaccurate representation. An example of this would be when back in university where Peter MacKay was running in the Central Nova riding. At that time, he might've seemed an unlikely choice for me. He was so well spoken and energetic that I seriously considered voting for him. In the end, though, I felt he was too committed to his party's platform to be an adequate MP for me.

Why the ramble down memory lane? This morning I listened to Jim Harris on The Current. I really liked what he had to say. Harris' 'deficit analysis' to balanced government really appealed to me; especially the idea that the deficit need not be only measured in currency. There are social deficits when our government removes funding from services. There are cultural deficits when control of our artistic media is donated to a corporately driven process...

While you might think I'm about ready to burst into rousing support for the Green Party, I wouldn't be so certain. I just managed to watch the full video of all the candidate responses in the video of the Parkdale--High Park all candidates meeting. Robert Rishchynski did seem to accept the Copyright Pledge but he also presented the WIPO 1997 Treaties that have lead us into this situation as a fait accomplie ("the horse is out of the stable").

That's really the crux of the issue isn't it? That we must satisfy these US-driven treaties? That an imagined loss of some fantastic future profit (aka 'theft is theft') justifies sealing digital copy protection into Canada's Copyright Act?

All of the candidates are responsible to us and nothing is set in stone. Their job is to improve our country, culture and life. Admitting defeat is the surest way to stop the progress we all deserve.

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Independent Candidates

Though I am a Conservative at heart I find party affiliation a restraint to all politicians seeking to better their constituency.
Weather that be Federal or Provincial, all politicians elected under the banner of a political party are guided by the leadership and must follow the party line on all issues.
While I agree with the idiology of the Conservative movement, I believe my only allegiance should be to the constituency, working on behalf of them, addressing the issues that affect us daily in our constituency.
We need representation that reflects the communities our MPP's and MP's are elected to represent, as an Independent I believe I can bring those issues to our provincial parliament.

Bruce Dean (Independent MPP Candidate)
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