We can still see you

Since watching Sam Bulte's response to the Copyright Pledge, I've been trying to rationalize her odd little view of the world. Her defense of funding from the copyright industry and the obvious conflict of interest reduces to "it's fine for this to happen because you know it happened"... Substituting into her logic: as long as I tell a creator that I've made an illegitimate copy of their art, it's acceptable? Since this is essentially the logic behind Private Copying regime, I guess we don't need Bill C-60 (or it's successor), do we?

Furthermore, now she's trying to turn herself into the lone voice in the wilderness defending artists against the lobby efforts of Michael Geist and the EFF. That's an amazing trick. She has claimed that the various copyright industrialists are her 'friends' so therefore she is supporting Canadian artists. Recent blogs lead me to believe that those groups are not friends of the average artists. Regardless of what they tell you Ms. Bulte, I don't think groups like CRIA actually have artists interests at heart.

I've recently been reading (via The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay), learning about sleight of hand and escapistry. Ms. Bulte's remarks are a meagre attempt at her own brand of escape act.

The essential 'trick' to escapistry, Ms. Bulte, is actually escaping. Your rebuttal is in essence like a sign pasted to the outside of Houdini's Water Tank that reads: "The Amazing Escapist has vanished!". But, when the curtain concealing the water tank is drawn and we look through the glass, the performer still in the tank.

All of us can still see you.