François Bédard (Rimouski-Neigette - Témiscouata - Les Basques, Parti Vert du Canada)

Good morning Mr McOrmond,

As an "harcore" FLOSS user and advocate-evangelist that puts a lot of energy on having my current employer (Quebec's Governement) embrace more and more open source solutions, as a Computer Security specialist that put his solo start-up business on hold to help the Green Party, as the co-inventor and co-owner of the ultimate anti-spam technology (Canada-US-Europe patent pending), as an wannabepro-amateur bassist and singer that think artists don't get their fair share of the music business revenues I more than agree with about everything I read on your web sites.

If the Green Party of Canada didn't send you an official response I'd be more than happy to help them supply you one. I think you pretty get the picture of my personal position from the above paragraph. I'd just like to write a more complete answer in the following hours-days that you could post on your blog. But I think right away that we have too much in common not to continue keeping in touch after january 23rd.

François Bédard
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