Richard Mathias (Richmond, Green Party of Canada)


I cannot claim to be as knowledgeable about these issues as perhaps you would like. My area of expertise is medicine and public health. Nevertheless, I fully support your point of view and would be supportive of your perspective.

I do not know that I can use the word pledge. A definition of pledge includes a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something; I am unwilling to give a binding commitment but I am will state that I agree with your position and oppose efforts to subvert the open exchanges of the internet.

I asked a colleague who is knowledgeable in this area and he fully supports your position. I will endeavour to maintain a reasonable level of understanding of the issues and to ask for guidance where needed and insist on evidence to support attempts to interfere.

Sorry I cannot be more specific but I need to understand my own level of ignorance and my own need to address these issues based on broad research. However, I prize academic freedom above any commercial considerations so that philosophically I am most unsympathetic to commercial arguments.

Richard Mathias
Professor Faculty of Medicine UBC

Richard Mathias
Green Party of Canada-Richmond
2006 GPC Candidate-Richmond
rmathias -at-

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I recieved a respone from Mr Mathias

I recieved a respone from Mr Mathias to the form letter:
"The Green Party does not have a specific platform on this issue.
Personally and professionally as a Professor at UBC, I strongly
favour the balanced approach."

Somewhat encouraging.