Patty Donovan (Fundy Royal, Green party)

Hi Russell,

Thank you for contacting me. Your arguement is sound and reasonable. I worry about accountability and corruption, that is why I wanted to challenge the status quo. However, I plead ignorance. I am not as aware of these issues as I should be, I am a first timer who is still trying to sort it all out. For what it is worth, I believe in copywrite protection and believe that an individuals work is sacrosant and not to be retooled and re-sold under another name. I believe that we should be protected from plagerism and I believe that Government has a responsibility to enforce copywrite laws wihtout bias. I am not sure that answers this exactly. But I am learning and would welcome hearing form you on this matter, I am open and willing to be educated.

Patty Donovan
Green Party of Canada
Fundy royal