Alexander T. Bussmann (Etobicoke-North, Progressive Canadian Candidate) replies

Hello Russell,

I am in full agreement with what I have read here. It is very important for government to protect citizens rights. We should in no way be stifling the ability of independent authors from being able to distribute their content as they see fit. We must also not give third parties intrusive rights to tamper, or invade the privacy of the individual. Media piracy is wrong and does constitute stealing and just because of the technological challenges to securing the media make full protection impossible doesn't mean that we should implement archaic, or totalitarian laws to protect it.

The internet age has blossomed, giving us a medium which provides for the near instantaneous transfer of large quantities of information. This is a period in which this technology shows more promise to unite us and bring us together than ever before. We should be embracing it instead of being fearful of it.

That being said, find below my responses to the questions asked on Internet Issues. Please note that these are expressly my views and not the views of my party.

Copyright Law and Technical Protection Measures

Do you agree that we need legislation to protect Canadians from harmful technologies like the Sony-BMG rootkit DRM?

Yes. Companies distributing software should face serious reprecussions for installing anything outside what is explicitly mentioned in the EULA. As far as rootkits go, they should have a strict classification within a category of criminal offences.

Copyright Revision and Innovation

Do you support Canadian innovators' rights to reverse engineer or otherwise deal with a work for the purposes of security or
interoperability research?



Do you agree that we need stronger laws and enforcement mechanisms to protect Canadians from unwanted behaviours associated with spyware?



What would your government, if elected, do to stop the flood of spam that continues to plague Internet users?

Harsher sentences. Force Canadian ISPs to hand over forensic information relating to such investigations. Work with foreign governments to create an international agreement on cooperation and investigation of internet crime.

Lawful Access

Do you agree with civil liberties groups that:

There should be no increase in state surveillance without full justification, including clear evidence of the need for such new capacities and powers and of their likely effectiveness?


Searches and surveillance should require judicial authorization on a "reasonable and probable cause to believe" standard; and that exceptions to this rule must be narrowly limited, subject to strict conditions and safeguards, and should not be expanded to include subscriber data

Yes, but I would like to see someones definition for this first.

All state search and surveillance activity should be subject to rigorous oversight by an independent body to guard against police abuse of these intrusive powers?



How would you reform Canadian privacy laws in order to provide
meaningful privacy protection in the Internet era?

I do not know.

Do you support amendments to PIPEDA that would allow for class actions and penalties, so that companies are held accountable for privacy breaches affecting large numbers of Canadians?


Identity Theft

Do you support a Canadian law requiring companies to notify individuals of security breaches that expose the individuals to identity theft?


Telecom Policy

Do you support continued government and regulatory intervention in telecommunications so as to ensure that Canadians of all income levels and in all regions of the country, including those with disabilities, have access to good quality, reliable, and functional telecommunications services at affordable and reasonable prices?


Do you agree that the following policy objectives currently set out in the Telecommunications Act are fundamentally important and should remain the guiding principles of Canadian telecommunications policy:

s.7(a) "to facilitate the orderly development throughout Canada of a telecommunications system that serves to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the social and economic fabric of Canada and its regions";


s.7(b) "to render reliable and affordable telecommunications services of high quality accessible to Canadians in both urban and rural areas in all regions of Canada"?


Do you agree that any reforms to the Telecommunications Act should be subject to a full public review five years after they have been enacted?


Alexander T. Bussmann, Progressive Canadian Candidate, Etobicoke-North